Teen's Health

Teens—How to Take Care of Your Skin

A good skin care regimen is essential for beautiful skin, free from oil, blackheads and blemishes! It’s especially important for teens, as they are more prone to these types of problems. Plus, starting a good skin care regimen early will help keep your skin healthy as you head into adulthood.

So what sort of skin care practice should you do?

  1. Wash your face when you wake up in the morning. This will take away build-up of sweat and oil from when you were sleeping. Do NOT use just regular soap. Be sure to use a facial cleanser or wash that is made for your face. Other soaps can irritate your facial skin and cause those nasty pimples!
  2. In the morning (after breakfast and teeth brushing) apply lip balm. This helps keep your lips healthy and prevent them from becoming chapped.
  3. Put on a bit of hand cream. This will help your skin from drying out—just don’t over apply or they will become oily and slippery!
  4. During the school day, don’t worry about your face. Do not wash your face during the day! And if you find your face gets uncomfortably greasy or oily, use special tissues to remove excess oil.
  5. At night, first cleanse your skin. Use a facial This will remove dirt, oil, and other pore-blockers that have built up throughout the day.
  6. After cleansing, moisturize. Make sure it is a facial moisturizer that is lightweight. This means it’s not heavy and oily, so it won’t add more oil to your skin and clog those pores.
  7. After that, apply more lip balm.
  8. Apply lotions. If you regularly shave your legs, but sure to lotion them afterwards. In this case, do NOT use lightweight moisturizer as it won’t help that much. This is also a good time to put on hand lotion if you have dry skin there. Don’t worry about over applying—you’ll be asleep so it has lots of time to soak in!

That’s it! Be sure to repeat these steps everyday and you will be on your way to great-looking skin.