All about Laser

What is Laser?

Laser is the use of light (photons) to accomplish permanent hair reduction.  The particles of light penetrate the skin.  Dark pigment of the hair absorbs the photons and converts it to heat.  The heat then destroys the germ cells in the hair follicle responsible for hair growth.

How is it accomplished?

Hair removal with laser or intense pulse light needs pigmented hairs present below the skin to absorb the heat generated from the photons.  The heat absorbed by the pigmentation of the hair color cauterizes the germ cells hindering hair growth.  The area to be treated should be shaved very close.  A conduction gel is applied.  The intense pulses of light are passed over the skin with the hand piece.  Multiple treatments are required to achieve maximum permanence in ones hair reduction.  After the hair has been reduced and one can’t achieve any more results from the laser – electrolysis can follow and finish destroying the hair’s life source, permanently.