Hair Removal

Let Me Introduce Laser… A Solution For Permanent Hair Reduction

A lot of people ask what do you mean hair reduction?  Why would I spend all this money on laser just for my hair to grow back?  Well… let me break it down.
Laser is a fast and efficient way to reduce the unwanted hair growth.  It is accomplished through pulses of an ultraviolet light over the desired area.  The photons from the light is absorbed by the pigment of the hair which cauterizes the hair follicle, killing the germ cells.  Although with the combination of electrolysis, you can achieve permanent hair removal faster.  Electrolysis targets each individual hair by inserting a tiny probe into the natural opening of the follicle, exerting a source of energy or lye to deprive the hair of its life source.  Now, you can understand how treating larger areas (legs, chest, back, etc.) can be very time consuming. So, starting with laser to break down and reduce the hair growth reduces the amount of hair needing electrolysis to achieve your optimal permanent results.