Hair Removal

Laser vs. Face: Know The Facts

In the hair removal business, I have clients all the time tell me, “I did laser hair removal on my face to get rid of the hair and it caused more hair growth. It doesn’t work and I never will do it again.” Well, yes doing laser on ones face can be a tricky process. It is important to know the facts before deciding to try this method of hair removal.

How can the laser stimulate hair growth?

Laser can unfortunately have the opposite effect especially on your face if you are not the ideal candidate. Your body has hair all over except the palms of your hands and the bottom of your feet. Most of the hairs on your body are dormant. By trying this method on an area that has dormant hair, this method can stimulate those hair to grow.  Middle Eastern nationalities experience stimulation more than other nationalities.  However, it does not stimulate areas like bikini, legs, underarms, where after puberty the hair follicles are all active.  

Who would be the ideal candidate?

The ideal candidate is one whose has light skin and dark hair on the face and all hair follicles are active. Men after puberty with light skin and dark hair tend to have the best success. Women that experience hirsutism, or male pattern hair growth, should see similar results.

What do I do if I am not the ideal candidate?

At Electrology Laser Clinic, we offer the electrolysis and laser hair removal treatments. Electrolysis can be a great option all skin types, hair color, hair type, etc.  Electrolysis is more time because it treats each hair individually. It does not expose any dormant follicles to heat or light. However, if you qualify as a laser client, by combining the two methods can maximize “the reduction” of your hair, obtaining your goals faster.