Your Solution to Permanent Hair Removal

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Women, you are not alone! Excess hair growth is a very common condition called hirsutism. It is usually found in areas of the body sensitive to male hormones called androgens. Most hirsutism starts around puberty as a result of hormonal changes.  Hypertrichosis is abnormal amounts of growth.  This condition could be hereditary, a result of medication, illness, emotional, or hormonal changes. No matter the cause, excessive hair growth is uncomfortable. Through the use of laser light therapy and electrolysis, The Electrology Laser Clinic can help you achieve your hair removal goals.

Men too experience unwanted hair. Do you have excessive hair on the ears, nose, or brow? Electrolysis is the answer. Chest hair, back hair, a combination of the laser light therapy and electrolysis can give you the comfort you want in your own skin.